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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hay Day

Friday was "Hay Day" for our bunnies - when they get their annual bale of hay for their pen. It's become a sort of ritual every year, about the time I get the firewood all split and stacked for the winter,  I split up a bale of hay and spread it around to keep them warm for the winter. They have dug a series of tunnels under their pen which they sleep in every night. All three rabbits immediately come up to see what's going on and join in helping to spread the hay throughout their home.

Maisy at the opening to their tunnel.
 They tunnel through the hay like moles, grabbing mouthfuls as they plow. Then they run down into their burrow filling it up and come up for another mouthful! They frolic and play and run around like kids playing in leaves! It is really a sight!


Niffer eating maple leaves that fall on their pen.

Now the firewood is all split and stacked, the quail have been moved from the greenhouse into the basement and the bunnies have their hay for warmth. We are all ready for winter!


  1. They are so cute!!!! I get wild bunnies in my garden occasionally but with five dogs they run out pretty quickly. Do they let you pet them? I would have a hard time resisting!!

  2. Ts, yes they love to be pet. They are very friendly and come whenever you open their pen. They will jump in your lap if you let them! They are very friendly and cuddly!

  3. would like more info on the rabbits. What keeps them from tunneling out and away from their pens permanently? What climate do you live in? We live in Northern Mi Thanks

    1. They created large tunnels under their pen, but never tunneled out. The easily could have, but I think they knew it was their home and they were safe inside. We let them walk around in the gardens and they would never try to run away. We are in New England and they would stay out year round until they got old. They have all since passed away, from old age, the last one just a week ago.