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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where did the summer go?

 I had big plans at the beginning of this summer. I was going to get so much accomplished and yet here we are in the middle of September and not much has been done. Now that the kids are back in school and life is getting somewhat back to normal, it's time to regroup and get back on track.

Our new puppy Buster.
I have already ordered some seeds for next season, planted the cold frames for our winter garden and fenced in the gardens. I have been planning topics for future blog posts and hope to be more organized and do them weekly or bi-weekly from now based on the projects I am working on and the crops I have growing.

The summer gardens are almost finished. I had an excellent crop of lettuce early in the summer, with several different varieties of romaine and we enjoyed fresh salads every day for a couple months. I just planted more romaine and leaf lettuce in the cold frames for the fall and winter garden. We had a week of extremely hot and dry weather in July when we were away on vacation so my tomatoes we pretty much wiped out.The heirloom peppers are doing great. I have been harvesting the red and orange bell peppers and sweet frying peppers. They are delicious roasted! I also have some heirloom peppers called Joe's Long which are 8-10" long and are just about ready to pick. We finished harvesting the garlic, fairy tale eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini and carrots for the season.

Orange Bell Pepper waiting to ripen

Fairy Tale Eggplant

Sweet Pepper "Lipstick"

Joe's Long Pepper

This year I started saving seeds from all my organic heirloom varieties.
Would anyone be interested in a seed swap ?


  1. I only grew beets and carrots in pots. I did have some mystery tomatoes pop up out of the compost that were tasty. Tonight I'm making a Purple Carrot Carrot Cake. :o) Adorable pup! Is he going to herd up all the bad bugs to keep your veggies safe or is he for herding the kids?

  2. The purple carrot carrot cake sounds delicious! I had a few mystery plants growing in the compost as well, mostly flowers and a few tomato plants from small seedlings that I composted. I did harvest a few pounds of potatoes from plants I planted a couple years ago, apparently I missed a few when I dug up the bed! Buster is turning out to be truly a great dog. He herds everything, the kids, us, our cats, our other dog, even the squirrels. Now I need to start that organic farm I've always dreamed about so I can put him to work!