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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A peek into the greenhouse - May

Today is a bit dreary. It is windy and we have been getting some well needed showers. I am having a hard time concentrating on work because I just don't feel like working, so took a break and headed out to the greenhouse with my camera to see how the seedlings are doing.

The plants have grown quite a bit since the last "Peek into the greenhouse" post a month ago. It's amazing to look back at the pictures to see just how big everything has grown in just a month's time!

Bell Peppers
Purple Tomatillo
Lettuce, Romaine and Butterhead

Marigolds and Petunias
Purple Tomatillo flower.
Cucumber, Squash and Pumpkins
More Sunflowers

The greenhouse is pretty crowded right now, especially with the extra trays of flowers, pumpkins and squash that I started early. I am now anxiously awaiting warmer weather so I can get the seedlings into the garden and the direct sow seeds planted!

What's seeds have you started already?


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  1. Wow - your seedlings look fantastic! We've got our seedlings under the lights and growing bigger each day. We're hoping for a little rain and warmer nighttime temperatures so that we can direct sow our seeds and move the more cold hardy seedlings outside.

    1. Thanks! We are finally getting some rain today and the night temps have been in the 50's. Hopefully I can start planting the garden next week!

  2. Gosh, they look so great! My favorite has to be the basil. It is just gorgeous and the leaves are so perfect. Great job on the seedlings!

    I have been working on hardening off our tomato seedlings this week and will hopefully get them planted outside this weekend. Can't wait! :)

    1. Thanks! My favorite is also the basil. These plants were grown from last years saved seeds which seemed to make a big difference.

      It's still too early for us to put our tomatoes in, but they will go into the cold frame as soon as it gets a little warmer.

      All this tomato/basil talk has me craving pizza! :)

  3. Everything looks so lush and healthy! I've been raising our tomatoes and other veggies outside because of no inside space - so nice that you have space for a greenhouse! :)

    1. It is so much easier with the greenhouse. I used to start everything inside and would quickly run out of space once the seedlings started to get big.

  4. I only started tomatoes and peppers as well as some zinnias but everything has done well. Your trays are bursting with healthy plants! I'll take some basil! :o)

    1. I grew the basil from saved seeds and wound up with too many plants(can you really have too many plants)so we have been giving some away to make room in the greenhouse. Too bad I couldn't just email them or I would send you some! :)

  5. Those plants look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to get them all planted in the garden!

  6. THis is wonderful!I need to get my greenhouse (a tent like structure)for fall planting, I am too late for Spring. I think it's Spring- not sure though between the snow and the storms.

  7. Amazing!! I bet you are pulling at the bit to get those lovely plants out where they belong;)

  8. Wow, everything looks so lush and healthy Rob!
    I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love my garden dibbles you sent me last summer.
    I used them today to plant my sunflower seeds and some of my smaller summer flowering bulbs.
    They are a wonder tool! I haven't planted anything in the greenhouse this year ( yet ) but I'm sewing seeds outside now. So far, 3 varieties of Sweat Pea's, Snap Peas, radishes, Rainbow Swiss Chard, A mixed leaf lettuce, Straw Flower, Money Plant, 4 kinds of sunflowers and my beloved Dahlias...I'm trying Gladiolas this year for the first time and looking into getting some backyard blueberry shrubs... Any advice on those?
    I'm wishing you a fabulous garden season Rob... I think we are out of the woods as far as frost goes... Make hay while the sun shines!

    1. Deb, so glad to hear that you love your dibbles! I use the smaller ones in the greenhouse all the time, and have several hanging in easy reach.
      All my seeds have been started and the greenhouse is overflowing with plants waiting to go into the garden. I hope we are past the frost, as I am going to start planting the garden this weekend. I haven't tried gladiolas but am planning on adding a blueberry patch this year. I also have a greenhouse full of several different varieties of sunflowers that are all doing great. I can't wait to see them bloom!
      I hope you have a fabulous garden season as well!!