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Monday, July 8, 2013

New Plans - A Child's Picnic Table

Building a Child's Picnic Table

We decided that we needed to add some tables and seating to the school garden so I drew up some plans for a picnic table.

After working with  the elementary school children in the after school garden club, I realized that we should have some child size furniture so the children would be more comfortable using it, so I scaled down my picnic table design and came up with this child's size picnic table.

The table is easily, and inexpensively, constructed out of 2 x 6's and 2 x 4's and took only about an hour to build, including the time to change my original design ( After building it I felt the seats were too close to the table top so I extended the seat supports). The table is 48" long, 44" wide and 24" high. It's a child's size table, but even I can sit at it!

I will be building three more of these children's picnic tables, and two of the full size version, for the school garden in the next week. Tomorrow we will be bring this one over to the school.

 I have added the plans for the child's picnic table to my downloadable project plans section of my website if you would like to build one for yourself.


1 comment:

  1. Very cute! I like how you scaled it down for children. Heck, I'm just over 5' tall so I bet this would be better for me than an adult picnic table! Haha :)