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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scenes from the Garden (1/6/13)...

Buds in lilac bush, waiting for spring.
 It's only January 6th, but for some reason it feels later in the year. Maybe it's because other bloggers are posting their garden plans or because it's almost 40 degrees and sunny today, but I feel like I am already behind on planning the gardens. I have most of my seeds purchased and many saved from last year, but I still need to draw up my new garden plans and calculate exactly what I will be planting.

This year the plan is to expand the garden to 1000 sq. ft and try to grow as much of our own food as possible. Luckily I have several local organic farmers markets to make up for what I can't grow, but the hope is to become as self-sufficient as possible. Another goal is to build a 2nd larger greenhouse to start flowers and seedlings to sell at the local farmers markets. If we keep having these warm days I may be able to cross that one off my list soon!

Arugula in the mini-greenhouse.

Lavender still growing next to the greenhouse.
Leeks left in the ground from last fall.
Garlic poking up through the snow
Onions overwintering in their protective cages.
Ernie cleaning himself, enjoying the warmer weather.
I just have to remember that it's only the beginning of January and there are still many more days of winter to get through before it's time to start seeds for this year's garden.

The sign that hangs on my greenhouse.


  1. I love the photos of the plants creeping through the snow! We need to decide what seeds to order soon. It's exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Ernie is so cute and I love your greenhouse sign! It's a great reminder.

    1. I thought I had most of my seeds for this year until I received the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalog! There are so many new varieties I would love to grow, but I know I don't have the space. My favorite part of the growing season is when the greenhouse is packed with seedlings! The smell brings me right back to my grandfather's greenhouse!

  2. How exciting that you might be going to the farmers' market soon! Good for you! Lovely photos, too!

  3. I'm ready for spring but also want more winter. I'm a bit conflicted. I'm hungry for a cold, windy snow storm. I like it when winter is winter not an extended fall or weird spring.