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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh Sweet Corn...

Today we harvested some of the corn at the School Garden
and oh how sweet it was! We were so excited by how nice it looked we couldn't wait to taste it. 
It's  amazing how sweet and tender it was right off the stalk!

We used organic heirloom seeds from 1840 Farm's Heirloom Seed Collection
that were planted on May 30th by the Oswegatchie School Garden Club.

May 30th
June 14th

July 5th
July 15th
July 24th
July 28th
July 28th

We picked six ears of corn today that we will be enjoying for dinner, not sure if we are going to cook it or eat it raw. It is nearly impossible to find organic corn at the farmer's markets and grocery store, especially one that tastes as sweet as this! This is our first success with corn and can't wait to plant more next year.