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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Building a Greenhouse - 9 years later...

I built my first greenhouse 9 years ago as a way to grow more of our own food on our 1/4 acre lot, who would have thought that I would be depending on it so much today to provide fresh food for my family.

Here is the greenhouse today. Everything is original, including the 6 mil plastic ...

It's been though a couple hurricanes and a some heavy northeast snow, but it's still holding up well. Right now it's full of seedlings waiting to go into the garden.

Tomato Seedlings
Winter Squash, Cucumbers and Summer Squash
Growing Sweet Potato Slips
Organic Ginger 
With everything going on in the world today, there has been a rush of people wanting to grow their own food. It's no wonder as it's been harder and harder to find fresh produce at the grocery store and farmers markets have been cancelled or are opening but are limiting the number of people who can attend. 

There has also been a huge increase in the number of people purchasing seeds from seed companies since March. Most of the companies I usually order from have had long delays in filling orders or have stopped taking orders all-together until June or July. I am glad that I save seeds every year so I didn't have to purchase any for this season.

Seedlings in the kitchen on my seed starting rack.

After building my first greenhouse, I wanted to encourage others to build one for themselves and take a part in growing their own food so I listed my plans in my ETSY store and the response has been very surprising. I have sold thousands of plans to people all over the world. Since March I have had people contacting me daily inquiring about my plans who are excited to build their own greenhouse.

Since listing my original plans, I have come up with several new designs for different sizes of greenhouses after getting many requests from people wanting to build one to fit their particular needs.

The most popular sizes have been the original 6'-10" x 8'-0" and the 8' x 12'

6'-10" x 8'-0" Greenhouse

8' x 12' Greenhouse

I now have plans for several sizes ranging from 6' to 8' wide and lengths from 8' to 16' long. I am also working on plans for 10' wide greenhouses. I have designed many custom greenhouses, greenhouses with chicken coops attached and lean-to greenhouses.

8' x 8' Greenhouse
8' x 16' Greenhouse
If you're interested in building your own greenhouse, visit my ETSY store and use the the code SAVE10 to receive a 10% discount from 5/3/20 to 6/3/20.

Mini-Greenhouse with perennials

We have added backyard chickens to our gardens for the benefits of having natural pest management and fresh eggs! I am finishing up the plans for the backyard chicken coop and they will also be available soon in my ETSY store.