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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scenes from the garden

I can't believe it is 2014 already, it seems like last year flew by so fast! 
It has been extremely busy around here these past few months, hence the lack of posts, but things are starting to settle back down a bit and I have begun planning the gardens and projects for this year! 

We had our first substantial snowfall yesterday and record low temps last night, dipping to -9°. The wood stove has been doing a great job keeping the house toasty but the wood pile seems to be going down much faster this year.

You can see Bert, just to the left of the birdbath, enjoying the 60° temp inside the greenhouse
I felt uneasy leaving Bert outside in his duck house with the blustery winds and below zero temps, so I filled the empty greenhouse with hay and locked him in these past two days.

 He seemed a little annoyed at first, but now that he has been enjoying the warmth, he refuses to come out!

The frosty temps have created some interesting designs on the cold frame walls.

Surprisingly, with the below zero temps and no row covers on the plants, the lettuce, kale, onions, beets and leeks seem to be doing just fine in the cold frame.

The seed catalogs have already started to trickle in and I can't wait to get my hands back into the soil! Until then all I can do is curl up in front of the wood stove and dream about this year's garden!