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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I just finished watching the movie, FOOD, Inc., directed and produced by Robert Kenner (we borrowed our copy from the local library). This movie shows you where your food comes from and how farms today are "factory" farms, designed to produce more product at the cost of your health and safety. It talks about the beef, chicken and pork industries and the seed and chemical industries. It is a very informative (and disturbing) film that will open your eyes to the food industry. It will (or should) make you think twice about what you eat and help you make better choices about what foods you buy. Everyone can do their part in making a difference. Buy local organic foods, support your local small farmers, don't buy overly processed foods and read labels to see what exactly is in the foods you are buying. You can also plant an organic garden. Even a small garden can make a difference. Every year I buy organic seeds to plant in my garden, which usually come 50 - 100 seeds per packet. I usually over plant and end up with way more seedlings than I have room for, or leftover seeds. To help make a difference and hopefully encourage people to start organic gardens, I will be offering free seedlings, and possibly seeds next spring to anyone interested in them. I will post more details on this at a later date.

Visit www.takepart.com/foodinc for more information and to see how you can make a difference.


  1. Great Post..this is exactly why we grow as much of our own food as possible. About 80% of our food is homemade/homegrown. I wish we could grow wheat and my "stores" would be pretty much complete.

  2. That's my goal as well - to grow as much of our own food as possible and what we can't grow buy from local ogranic farms. We have a small lot but I am experimenting with different methods and trying to utilize as much area as possible for growing. I have seeds started for our winter garden and will be building mini greenhouses to put over the beds to protect the plants into the winter. Should be a fun experiment!