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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day trip - Putney, VT

Saturday morning we decided to take a day trip to Putney, Vermont to go apple picking at Green Mountain Orchards. The weather was spectacular with typical fall Vermont clear blue skies and cool, crisp air!

Once in Putney, we stopped at the Putney Co-op for breakfast. Fresh local egg, cheese and soy sausage on home-made bagels - YUM!!

While eating breakfast we noticed the Community Garden sign across the parking lot and ventured over to have a look.

It is a very impressive community garden and gave us some really good ideas and inspirations for our school garden project!

 There were many plots laid out with wood chips between each bed for walkways.

There were all sorts of delicious vegetables growing like kale, chard, lettuce, greens, basil, peas, butternut squash, pumpkins and raspberries!

The fennel bulbs were huge and looked amazing!

After looking at the kale we were craving our daily kale smoothies!

The community garden had their own compost areas,

and a greenhouse!

Putney seems like a great community where people come together to garden. The Co-op sells produce and goods from local farmers and merchants, and they have several programs to help feed the hungry.

It was truly an inspiring start to what turned out to be another fantastic day in Vermont!