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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Planting the garden

Spent the last two days planting the gardens. The weather has been beautiful - sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 80's! I uncovered the garden beds a few weeks ago - cleaned off the crushed leaves I put on in the fall and gently cultivated the beds. Yesterday I noticed about 50 tomato plants coming up where the tomatoes were last year! A few tomatoes must have fallen to the ground, and after the winter, leaves and cultivation somehow still managed to grow. The same thing happened with the potatoes. This year I decided not to put in any because they took up too much room last year and I wanted to plant squash and pumpkins in the beds instead. About a dozen plants came up this spring - I must have missed a few potatoes when I harvested in the fall. I left the plants to see if they will yield anything.

The greenhouse has been getting extremely hot during the afternoon. It is covered with plastic film, has a vent on one end and a door on the other, but still gets up to 110 degrees in the afternoon sun. Yesterday I put an exterior sunshade on the north side roof and an interior sunshade on the south that I can roll and unroll to control the temp. I used the shades in the afternoon and kept the temp under 95 degrees. So far it seems

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