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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ripening Raspberries

The raspberries are loaded and are starting to ripen! This year looks like a higher yield than last. I have 2 varieties planted, one yields end of June - beginning of July and the second variety yields in end of June, end of August and again in beginning of October. I was amazed to get three harvests last year. I think we picked raspberries almost every day from the end of June to the beginning of October. I thinned out some of the runners from the main plants so more energy would go into producing berries (and it looks like it it is working). I have a ton of new plants starting all over the place, some are quite thick and large and I am going to try to pot them up to give away,(I don't like to just throwing them away). The main plants are about 5' tall and they will go into another growth spurt after the first harvest. Last year they grew to over 8' tall. The second and last harvest yields berries the size of your thumb - so sweet and juicy! Now if I could only remember Mema's recipe for raspberry juice!


  1. Yo,
    The pics and descriptions are literally making me lick my lips. I'll wait for the jellies/jams when they are available.

  2. Thanks Dan. I'll have to try making jam this year - I should have enough berries!

  3. i'll have to get you my neighbor's low sugar/no pectin recipe. she says it's great, but i'm off white sugar, so i haven't tried it recently.